Breastfeeding Management for the Working Mother

Often working mothers experience a dilemma between wanting to exclusively breast feed their babies with feeding. By reason of the classic working mothers choose to give formula to their babies.

Here elaborated on how we can manage the milk by different types of tools. With a little trouble later mother and child can gain great benefits.
Squeeze breast milk is useful for: providing meals BBLRmenghilangkan bendunganmenjaga milk supply when breastfeeding mothers eninggalkan sick baby when the mother goes to work eliminating seepage or breast milk
A. Squeezing the milk by hand
All mothers should learn to squeeze the milk. Mother can begin to learn during pregnancy and can apply it immediately after childbirth. Squeeze by hand requires no tools so that a woman can do it anywhere and anytime. Squeeze by hand is easy to do when breasts tender. Even harder when the breast is unstoppable and pain.
B. TanganSiapkan how to squeeze the milk by cup, cup or bowl that is very clean. Wash with soapy water and dry with a tissue / cloth clean. Pour boiling water into a cup and let stand for several minutes. When ready to squeeze the milk, waste water from cangkir.Cuci hands with seksamaLetakkan cup on the table or hold hands with one another to accommodate ASIP.Badan leaning forward and prop tanganLetakkan breast with your thumb around the areola above the nipple and index finger on susu.Pijat nipple areola below the thumb and index finger into the chest toward the wall. Now massage the areola behind the nipple between finger and thumb. My mother had to massage the lactiferous sinuses beneath areola.Tekan and off, press and release. At first no milk comes out, but after being blackmailed several times, the milk starts to drip. Breastfeeding can also radiate when reflex active spending. Squeeze the areola in the same way from all sides for sure milk is squeezed from all segments of the breast. Do not massage the nipple itself. Do not move a finger along the nipple. Pressing or pulling the nipple can not squeeze the breast milk. This is the same thing happens when the baby sucks from the nipple only.
* Blackmail breast milk for low birth weight or sick baby
My mother had to squeeze as much milk each time the baby needs to be fed. For low birth weight is 8 times or more a day. It is important to squeeze as often and as much as possible to maintain milk supply. When mothers squeeze more milk than necessary baby, ASIP can be given to other infants whose mothers could not squeeze enough, or give to a mother's low birth weight has not come out of milk.
* To maintain a supply of milk when the mother or baby is sick
Breastfeeding mothers should squeeze as much and as often as desired baby. Give the baby if possible.
* Eliminate dam
Peraslah as often and as much as possible that are required to remain comfortable and keep breast nipple flexibility for baby's sucking. Some mothers may need to squeeze every time before feeding. On mother From: Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009 2:48:23 AM others may only need to squeeze one or two times a day. Some women find that warm compresses or gentle massage to help milk flow.
* Eliminate milk penetesan
ASI squeeze quite a lot to reduce the pressure on the breast. No need to squeeze a lot of milk.
C. Electric pumps
Electric breast pump is more efficient and suitable for use in hospitals. However, all the pumps easy to carry infection. This is very dangerous if more than one mother using the same pump.
D. How to warm bottles
This is a useful technique to remove the dam, especially when the breasts are very sore and taut nipples.
How to use the technique of warm bottle is: Find a large bottle (such as a 1 liter, 700 ml, or 3 liters) with a neck width (if possible). Invite the family to heat some water and fill the bottle with hot water. Allow a few minutes, to warm botol.Bungkus glass bottle with a cloth and dispose of water bottles panas.Dinginkan neck and insert it into the nipple until it touches the skin around it with a strong ketat.Pegang bottle, the bottle after a few minutes to cool and then raises delicate puff will draw the nipple warm susu.Rasa help reflex expenditure, and milk starts to flow and sucking bottles. Sometimes when a woman first feels this sucks, he will be shocked and interesting bottle. So that should put more hot water in the bottle and began kembali.Setelah some time, pain in the breast is reduced and extracted by hand or suction can be done.
(Source Helping Breastfeeding, F. Savage King) From: Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009 02:48:23 GMT

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