"Infant Formula Unnecessary Waste!

Saturday, Januari 24th, 2009

I often see mothers who tried to buy milk for her child, while it is clear that this is actually hard for them. Sad to see it, how our society is already confused, like infant formula is best for our babies.
In fact, in England I almost never managed to find a formula milk sold in stores! We also highly praised if we are feeding our children. Yes, the government of another country who care about their people had long been campaigning for the benefits of mother's milk.
Now the U.S. government has also begun campaigning for the rejection of infant formula, including the proposal to require warning labels on the box formula. Yes, formula plan will be treated like cigarettes! Because of the danger to the mother and baby.
It is EXPENSIVE, it could cause danger as well.
How to get more people who know? This post is one that I can do. Please help as much as you Could.
Remember, old ladies we do not give formula, and their children can still perform well. Ask ken-what ...
Various excess breast milk versus formula:
* Strengthen affection between mother and child, especially with rising levels of oxytocin in the mother's body, which gives a soothing effect* To help build the baby's immune* Protection against meningitis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, abdominal infections, diarrhea, ear infections, etc.* If a baby is exposed to something the disease, then the remedy normally will be completed by the mother's immune system within 3-4 days, and then passed on to babies through breast milk* Prevents bacteria and viruses attached to the cell body of the baby, so the virus / bacteria can be removed from the baby's body through the feces* Acting as a vaccine - there is little germs in milk, but do not make ill; just enough to cause a reaction from the baby's immune* Improving the baby's brain development* Infants fed with breast milk tend to not obese / overweight later in life exaggerated* Breastfeeding helps mothers to lose weight after giving birth - a lot of calories needed to make milk* Preventing breast cancer in the mother* Reduce the risk of diabetes, uterine cancer, and osteoporosis for the mother* Etc.
Hopefully useful.
note: of course exceptions for mothers who have problems / difficulties to breastfeed her child for one reason or another. For them, to my knowledge there are various solutions, which can be obtained from consultation with their respective doctors.
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