ADHD is not a disease but a collection of symptoms. Therefore, to deal with ADHD should be sought before the root cause. Hyperactivity could arise due to bacterial infection, intestinal worms, poisoning and harmful heavy metals (eg lead Pb, mercury Hg, and copper Cu), metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, diabetes, or brain disorders. In addition, other factors are excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages (eg coffee, tea, chocolate, cola) while the mother was pregnant, poor diet, the nutrients that are not balanced, the less quantity of sleep, and poor sleep quality.

There are also substances in food that can cause or exacerbate hyperactivity, among others:

1. Natural salicylic acid (which often cause allergies) are also reported caused or may aggravate hyperactivity. Salicylic acid is widely available in citrus, apples, grapes, strawberries, apricots, raisins, and cherries.
2. Gluten, which it is present in wheat flour, oatmeal (oats), and following berley processed products (cereals, noodles, pasta, bread, cakes, and pastries) are also suspected of aggravating the hyperactivity.

3. Casein, a protein typically found in cow's milk and processed products (pudding, milk, ice cream, cheese, and synthetic sweeteners.)

4. Deficiencies of certain minerals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc are also known to trigger hyperactivity. Greedy of sweet or salty foods can also be an indication of children experiencing sefisiensi hyperactivity any one or combination of these minerals.

5. The low intake of Dimethyl Glycine (Dimethyl Glysine, DMG) and especially omega-3 fatty acids also trigger hyperactivity.

6. Foods that contain food additives (food additives) such as preservatives, coloring, sweetener, and flavoring mas will (MSG, Monosodium Glutamate)

Nutritional therapy by providing supplemental nutrients are expected to experience a deficiency, could actually be a means of short-term emergency aid to cope with hyperaktivitas. In the same time also be revamping your diet.
Provision of drugs stimulating the nerve (stimulants), particularly those containing the active ingredient metilfenidat (methylpenidate) is to provide immediate results. Metilfenidat an active substance that can stimulate the production of dopamine and norepinetrin, a nerve conductive substance in the brain that acts to control the behavior and ability to concentrate, but these drugs resemble the chemical structure of cocaine so it's easy to drag the children into drug addicts (drugs and drug- dangerous drugs) when they mature.

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