Junk Food Addiction during Pregnancy May Harm the Unborn Kid

A new study has claimed that junk food addiction during pregnancy could indulge the children in the same type of food habits. Researchers believe that high fat and high sugar diet leads to changes in the brain's pathway of the unborn kids which changes their food preferences.

The research has thrown light on the fact that why some people are addicted to junk-food while others resist it.

Researchers from the FOODplus Research Centre in the School of Agriculture Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide, Australia, conducted a study on a group of pregnant rats.
Half of the rats were given rat feed while others were given a diet of high-fat and high-sugar junk foods.

After a few days, the offspring of the rats were offered to choose their food from a diet of rat feed and junk food. The offspring of rats who were fed with junk food were found to eat more junk food as compared to those who were fed with rat feed.

The results will help the doctors to suggest a healthy diet to women during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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