The Trendiest Middle Names

Middle names are used much less than first names, allowing parents to be more creative and choose a truly distinctive and individual name. When considering middle names, it is best to pick a name that has meaning to you, or one that you simply love.

Popular middle names are often Biblical in origin. Boys’ names such as Andrew, Daniel, Jacob, Joshua, Michael, and Noah are one of the most enduring choices of expecting parents all over the world. Popular Biblical girl’s names include: Maria, Abigail, Elizabeth, Hannah, Rebecca, and Sarah. Biblical names are not only a timeless choice, but also add meaning to your child’s name as well as spiritual depth.

Choosing a name that honors a person that had an impact on your life is also a popular choice for a baby’s middle name.
Parents might want to use a maiden name, the name of a family member, a friend, or even a celebrity as their child’s middle name, and in doing so show their gratitude and respect to that person.

In other situations, parents give their babies middle names after locations, or even countries. Popular choices include naming a baby after the location where he or she was conceived or the place where the parents spent their honeymoon in. This explains why so many children today are called Paris, London, Chelsea, China or France.

In many cases, parents also opt for unusual baby middle names. Uncommon baby boy names like Cailen, Daylen, and Tao or baby girl names like Cranberry, Evi, Izis, Nevaeh (Heaven backwards), and Wednesday have seen a rise in popularity among expecting parents.

With middle names becoming ever more popular, it is no surprise that so many parents are looking for a unique and pretty name to give their babies. While choosing a baby’s first name can often be stressful, choosing a middle name tends to be more enjoyable, because they lend themselves well to a vast variety of choices. As long as you make sure that the middle name sounds nice with the first and last name, you cannot go wrong with choosing one or even more middle names for your child.

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