Recognizing the need for a healthier and more effective approach, without the side effects of the prescription drugs, we have found the company that has developed natural supplements for children with ADD and ADHD, 100 % herbal remedies containing well researched ingredients and manufactured in therapeutic dosage according to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

A. Brightspark

Brightspark is a safe, non addictive, natural remedy for ADD that contains 100 % homeopathic ingredients especially selected by our clinical psychologist. It was created to treat the symptoms of ADD child without the potentially dangerous side effects associated with many psychiatric drugs.
Many children with ADD are highly creative and intelligent individuals with a wonderful sense of humor. Brightspark will keep you ‘Bright and Sparky’, while at the same time helping you to focus and pay attention, without the risk of addiction, drowsiness, and other side effects.

Use brightspark to :
1. Relax and calm down
2. Be less impulsive
3. Listen more carefully
4. Follow instructions
5. Concentrate better
6. Be less distractible
7. Achieve better result at school

Brightspark contains the following therapeutic herbs in convenient and fast dissolving tablets:

Hyoscyamus has been known to help alleviate over-excitability, restlessness, and general disruptive behavior in those who are hard to control (Lamon J, Homoeopathic Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; A Controlled Study. Br Homoeopath J. 1997; 86 : 196-200). Also provides general relief from sudden frenetic outbursts and involuntary twitching commonly experienced with tic disorder. Hyoscyamus can also be of benefit to people who has tendency to foolish behavior, who may display facial grimaces, inappropriate behavior, and fidgeting hands.

Tuberculinum was traditionally used for allergy-related complaints, but can also be used to soothe irritability and for those with a flustered disposition. From a homeopathic point a few, tuberculinum is best suited to people who long for constant stimulation and change, often accompanied by destructive anger, disillusionment, irritability, and a strong sense of discontent.

Arsen iod is used to promote balance during temper outbursts, but can also assist in suppressing annoyance when confronted with trying and frustrating circumstances. This proven homeopathic remedy is often recommended for people who tend to be irritable and restless, or excitable and impatient with sudden outbursts. There is often a history of allergic reactions or hayfever.

Verta Alb can help bring about emotional stability and soothe the nerves during tumultuous inner struggles and conflict. Homeopaths often recommend Verat alb for hyperactive children or those who tend to be critical and restless. A weak immune system is often found, as well as cravings for fruit and ice cream.

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