Children, who actively is fair, because they was actively exploring the environment. However, if the child is too active, maybe there is interference. Before concluding of course children need to be diagnosed first. Generally diagnosis is made when a child enters school age. Can the diagnosis be done when a child under the age of 5 years? According to child development experts ADD / ADHD from Mansfield University, Eileen Bailey, explained

it very difficult to diagnose ADHD in children under 5 years of age because in those days the children are experiencing different stages of development vary. Usually the active behavior of excessive without thinking of the consequences is the typical behavior of children at this age, including the ability of a short attention span.Children will be more difficult diagnosis of ADHD symptoms, if only in the home environment.
Some of the criteria that indicate ADHD behaviors will be more visible when children undergo at least two different environments, such as schools and homes. However, if you believe the child has ADHD symptoms, prepare a daily journal to record observations that you do for 6 months. So when needed, you can share information with specialists who handle these issues.
If you want to immediately meet with experts who deal with children with ADHD before the age of 6 years, there are several things that must be considered before the child gets more serious treatment

If during the 6 months you have the symptoms of ADHD in children's behavior is consistently inconsistent with the stages of child development age (for example: children are often caught out or run away when he was in preschool or day care) and the behaviors problem continued through a period of 6 months until your observations, maybe your children classified as ADHD children. Diagnosis is ideally done when children are in school or the age of 6 years and over, why is that? Here are a few reasons:
1. One of the requirements for diagnosis, the symptoms of ADD / ADHD should be observed when children already have two different environments, namely schools and home environments. If the child both have the same behavior problems consistently, you should immediately bring it to the experts.
2. Early childhood generally feel uncomfortable when receiving the change. Often they show that through disruptive child behavior. Overactive child is not necessarily classified as ADD or ADHD child.
3. Usually the child has a level of development at different ages so it is difficult to measure the existence of developmental delay.
4. The controversy over ADD / ADHD can contribute to the parents for not seeking treatment or other diagnoses to diagnose early childhood.

Yet the diagnosis can be done when a child is 2 years old. Some parents also make the diagnosis after discovering the discrepancy when the child was a baby. It should be noted though children do not have ADD or ADHD, but often found some ADD symptoms before the child goes to school.


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