Homeschooling may be an option for the little guy with special needs. Especially for children with special needs that are difficult to follow the public school program, or who do need to learn privately or collectively, one-on-one learning. By Janie Bowman in his book Think Fast! The ADD Experience and also practitioners of homeschooling, in fact this method is not foreign to parents, because when children aged under five who became his teacher parent at home. However, the demands on the ability of the child the greater as the age of development. Therefore there are some things that need your attention:

Do not Do "School at Home"
We encourage you to think back to the idea of making homeschooling method resembles the teaching and learning activities at school. Like, follow the structure of lessons, hours of learning, curriculum and school environment. The most important thing is to optimize the child's natural desire to learn. Also, do learning activities with a relaxed and supportive and develop children's interests.
Create Priority
Each of the capabilities of the child would be in their future capital. However, you need to focus first on basic skills like reading, writing, mathematics and love of learning or to explore. Do not just centered on the wishes of children. If you have difficulty teaching children the basic skills, you can seek the help of psychologists. Maybe you need a different method.

Determine the Right Time
Every child with special needs have the mood at any given time that affect concentration. If you're frustrated, the child can not learn in an optimal fashion so that children sometimes seem to reject or protest. Understand the situation, it does not mean the child intentionally acting rude, but they are just afraid of forgetting what is learned. However, you can work around this by giving a break or joking on the sidelines of learning activities. Create a schedule of weekly or monthly. Discussions with children about the ideal study time.

Take advantage of Hiperfokus Children
Usually children with special needs often do not notice the time when you're interested in something (hyperfocus). If you feel useful, leave like that but make sure children get enough sleep and nutrition. You can use to explore children's ability to introduce various concepts, such as reading, math, social skills, science, geography and so forth. For example, children diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in particular men are very interested in computers. Immediately ask for help psychologist or therapist if this increasingly annoying habits, such as the child becomes lost track of time and unwilling to learn anything else.

The advantages of homeschooling for children with ADHD is that children get a teaching method to suit his personality. This is because the parent of a child's teacher, as though somehow Parents know best the needs of the little guy. Keep in mind though children learn at home does not mean the child is treated as a student.

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