Learning is a process so that learning takes time (determined by the facilities, infrastructure and individuals who are learning itself). Based on a psychological expert opinion, there are several ways that relate to how our children learning, namely:

1. Learning instinctive
Studying the development of any tangible instinctive ability that has no children since birth. This we can see in the development of the child from birth to childhood. From the state of helpless until they can feed, then eat and drink alone; of not been able to move to move, reversing himself, crawling, standing, walking, then running etc.
These skills are not planned to have, but these skills comes from the drives from within (derived from their needs as social beings). Although derived from impulses from within, not without influence from outside. A mother still has a role for the skills of children because they still need guidance and supervision of a mother.2. Learning from experience

Experiences through which children, will make it grow in the direction of perfection, of course with the guidance and supervision of a mother.

3. Learning from the habituation
Learning from the habituation usually caused encouragement from outside. The role of a mother is very big here. Good behavior, the ways of good talk, and other good things will happen if a mother has used it. Conversely, if a mother is accustomed or used bad things (whether intentional or unintentional), then its children will be met with such bad habits. The conclusion is a mother has an important role on the future of their children.

By : Agil Azzahra 

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