If you had an intercourse and suspect that you are pregnant, there are some ways to know the actual situation. One of them is a Pregnancy Test. A Pregnancy Test checks for a special hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) that’s also called the pregnancy hormone. HCG makes an appearance when an embryo is implanted into the uterine wall. The time taken by this procedure ranges from 6-12 days after the ovulation has taken place. The levels of HCG multiply in the woman’s body at a fast pace during the initial few days of pregnancy. If the hormone is at greater levels in the women’s System Pregnancy Diary, a pregnancy test can detects this hormone in the urine or blood.

The pregnancy test can be categorized into two broad categories. First is Urine Pregnancy Test or Home Pregnancy Test and the second is Pregnancy Blood Test. If you want to have your Pregnancy Blood Test, you have to visit the doctor. But if you want to check it at home you can use Urine pregnancy Test.
The urine or home pregnancy tests are hygienic as well as clean. The best thing is the test can ensure you ultimate privacy if you do not feel like let people know about the pregnancy. In fact, these tests are one of the simplest ways to figure out the pregnancy. What is more, you can purchase these pregnancy test kits from any medical or a retail store easily. These days’ women do the tests at home as they are inexpensive, private and easy to use. It is always prudent to wait untill the time that the menstrual period would usually be due before you go for the First response pregnancy test.

is because a pregnancy test at this time, the time-frame that is involved before HCG becomes much easier to read. In fact, this is the most reliable way to have the most exact reading.Urine tests tell you in about 2 weeks after ovulation if you are pregnant. However, there are some home pregnancy tests that you can perform earlier. The simple reason is they are supposed to be more sensitive towards the detection of the HCG. The detection of HCG is possible as early as 7-days after the ovulation. It is very important for you to keep in mind that the sooner you go for the pregnancy test, you will get the less accurate of the results. Therefore, you must have some patience and wait for the right time.

The Home Pregnancy Tests can be accurate if they are used properly. If the kits are used according to the directions and if the expiry date is checked, they turn out to be accurate. It is highly recommended that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer very carefully. This is the only way you can ensure that the testing process will be highly effective and will provide you much accurate results. Different kits come in different package. For example, in some kits, there are just two lines in two different colors while in some other kits, there are two signs showing positive and negative results. However, before you go ahead and purchase a pregnancy test kit, it is very important for you to make sure that the kit has not surpassed the expiry date. Always remember that there is a validity date written on every kit. So do not forget to check the same before you purchase the kit. If you use a kit that has crossed the validity date, I am afraid it will not give you accurate results. The results might be misleading in most cases. Last, but not the least, if we talk about the sample for the urine pregnancy test, there are certain things that you must take into your careful consideration The ideal way is to choose the first morning urine as the sample for the pregnancy test. Furthermore, you must also keep in mind that it takes time for the HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone to accumulate in the urine. Therefore, make sure that you are using concentrated urine sample for the pregnancy test.Again, if you are planning to use the pregnancy tests in daytime, make sure that you do not urinate for at least four to five hours before you use the urine as a sample for the test.

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