Mothers Can Be the Cause of High Blood Pressure in Children

According to a recently conducted study, children of mothers with a certain genetic mutation are more prone of developing high blood pressure.

A group of researchers from China, U. S. and Austria analyzed a five-generation Chinese family and revealed that a number of its members who come down from the same female ancestor had high blood pressure. The main cause that was found out by the researchers was a genetic mutation that has a big impact on the mitochondria, which are the ''powerhouses'' of the cells that alter energy into useable forms. As suggested by the discovery, a mitochondrial DNA mutation could be highly responsible for high blood pressure in some people.

In this regard, researcher Min-Xin Guan, Ph. D., a Professor of Genetics at Zhejiang University in China said that
"This mutation can reduce the cellular energy production that increases the production of free radicals, substances which can be damaging to cells. These mitochondrial dysfunctions may contribute to the development of hypertension”.

According to the records of the American Heart Association, number of people suffering from high blood pressure in USA is more than 60 million, out of which more than two-thirds necessitate medication.

Blood pressure if not treated can lead to severe health risk factors like stroke and heart attack, be aware!

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