Psychiatric Risks are More Common among Kids with Epilepsy

According to a study of the Alfstad, National Centre for Epilepsy at Oslo University Hospital, it has been revealed that psychiatric symptoms are more common among the children with epilepsy. Around 40,000 of the people are suffering from epilepsy. However, the research is failed to explain that how children with epilepsy develop with psychiatric problems.

Some other risk factors for the psychiatric symptoms are low socioeconomic status, living alone, poverty, and some chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma.

Although, it has been found that boys had a higher risk of psychiatric problems, as they are more hyperactive and suffer more peer pressure in contrast to girls.
During a study in 2003, psychiatric disorders were found in 37% of children with epilepsy, though children with diabetes and other health problems were 11% and 9% respectively.

Further studies exposed that 33% of children with epilepsy who were aged between 8 or 9 had been classified in normal, borderline or abnormal, in comparison to the 18% of the control group.

The figure increased to 41% for the 10 to 13 age group with epilepsy compared to the 16% oh healthy children of the same age group.

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