Education methods of children is related to how children learn. That is because of the side that we will be able to "penetrate" the child through an educational method. Education methods of  children include:
1. Education by example
2. Education with customs
3. Education with the advice
4. Education by giving notice or control
5. Education by providing punishment


This method should be applied to children early on, especially within the family environment. That's because the family environment is the first time found for the child in this world live their lives. In addition, within the family occurred emotional relationship tinged affection and intimacy between parent and child.
This raises the emotional relationship identification’s  process, namely the process of appreciation and imitation that are not fully realized by the child, to the attitudes and behavior of parents.

Parents are children’s idol, so anything that the parents doing will be followed by his son. The sad thing is many parents are less aware of the effects of the identification’s process in the children so that parents may inadvertently act in front of their children. As a result, consciously or unconsciously, the child will imitate what their parents, even though it is an ugliness. Ironically parents just assume that what the child is a cuteness that is met with laughter and cheerful face. And what was the seedlings negative children who would harm the child, perhaps even harmful to others and the surrounding community.


People are born in the holy state. According to the Tabularasa Theory, human that is born is like white paper, family which makes it colored. The purpose of this theory is the family (especially parents) that determines the pattern of children in the future. A child will grow in goodness when his parents do not wrong in providing education for their children. One form of the process of their children’s education is to provide positive habits, such as manners and good behavior.

Conditioning factor is very important because 90% of our actions, ranging from how to dress, eat and drink, talk, walk, and get along with others all came from a habit that we do.
To teach positive habits to our children, parents should first familiarize themselves in goodness. Often times parents unknowingly trapped because it has been giving the bad habits in children, when parents expressing feelings affection. For example, some parents are over affection (giving excessive affection.) They let the kids when children do wrong. Parents think if they call it, a sense of compassion that has been held to make them afraid of making a child hurt. This habit will affect less well in the mental development of children because children think that what they do is always right. As a result the child will grow up to be a stubborn child and would not be directed.

Meanwhile, some parents express affection with over endogen, that is to give every child’s  request. It would make the kids think that life is completely easy (easy to make money too) because of what he wants is always accomplished. With habits of parents who like this then the child will have an extravagant lifestyle.

Another way that parents are usually used to express affection is by over protection, that is to give excessive protection. Love like this will turn off the power of creativity of children because parents get children to be not independent. As a result the child will become a spoiled child. This clearly will have a negative impact on mental development of children and will not be beneficial for a child's life someday.

Compassion is an important factor in the application child's education, but parents should control themself as much as possible so it will be balanced in expressing their affection. As a result of affection will provide positive habits in our children so will have a positive impact for the mental development of children to the next.


Education with the advice also quite effective when applied in the education of children because children are the spirit soul that is still clear, the soul that has not been affected by black spots, the soul that has not been touched by the hands of sin, so that any words that related to them would be more striking and impression on their soul.

The advice that is given to children can be given in the form of warning and guidance. Let us do not think that advice is only for children who are grown, because children could, even when they could not speak, will be able to record what we are talking about. Therefore, at certain times we can speak with the discussions which contains advice to our children, even though they still a baby and can not speak.


Education by giving attention or supervision mean devoted, caring, and always follow the development of children in developing moral, spiritual and social preparation, also consider the physical and scientific capabilities  of education’s situation. Education is not just limited to one or two terms only, but includes several aspects, among others: In terms of faith, morally, mentally, in terms of intellectual, physical aspects, psychological aspects, social aspects, and spiritual terms.


The method is an act of punishment that given to students in the hope the children are consciously aware of the mistakes that done so they will not repeat their mistake. There is an orderly procedure in using the methods of this punishment. An educator may not use harsher punishment if a lighter has been beneficial. As punishment in the form of a blow, we should not use it except not be any other way. In addition, punishment is not merely vent our anger against the child because the child had made a mistake, but punishment is to show that what children are doing is wrong and should not be repeated again.

In the process of education, punishment’s methods is very important because this method is needed to make improvements to fix the nature of children, etc. As with other methods, the application of this method should also be considered the child's character. This is attributed to differences between the characters of one child with another child. Maybe one child punished with a sour face or a frown, while other children must be punished with a blow to the area that is not dangerous, despite the mistakes done both of the child is the same mistake. In addition, the method of punishment as an attempt to show the mistake of children have different ways of weight and there are the stages of the lighter in the more severe.

Some ways to indicated the mistake include:

1. Indicates a mistake with the direction.
Speaking directly to the child for members to know that mistakes have been made perhaps the child is as we used to do. Briefing the point is as parents, we tell the child directly to abstain from doing any act which is not good. Instead children are encouraged to perform good deeds.

2. Indicates a mistake with hospitality
The appointment of a mistake in this way means the appointment of a verbal mistake in the manner and good language and is more directed at the child psychiatric side. In this way children will be expected to comply with what the parents said without hurt.

3. Indicates a mistake with the signal

When mistakes are heavier weight than the mistakes that have been done before, then the appointment of gesture or expression angry or not happy, can awaken the children from their mistakes.

4. Indicates a mistake with the criticism

The appointment of a mistake by criticizing the way done when the child has made repeated mistakes, which is a mistake that previously had been warned not to do anymore. Besides, this is done when the quality of child mistake heavier weights with mistake that are generally performed by children.

5. Shows the mistake of hitting
If the appointment of a mistake in a way not to make children aware criticized for leaving the mistakes that done, then we could have hit the child (of course not directed at areas that are dangerous, such as: advances and vital’s areas). Try beating that do not to leave a mark because it was feared would affect the children’s psychologically (when the child's friends are aware of his scar).

6. Indicates a mistake with sour
Indicates a mistake by creating a deterrent is the hardest way, by punishing the child harder than just hitting. It could be this is done by punishing the child for doing something that is heavy enough or locked in the room.

However, we as parents must be very careful to give a child a punishment for mistakes. We must adjust to the situation of children. In addition, we as parents have to be really free from lust anger when punishing a child, because if not, then the punishment that we give will be in vain, even can make a child more stubborn. So, rather than the child aware of his actions, but even more desperate to make a bigger mistake.
Love and affection should still be maintained and should always be sought crumbs ladder can decorate our climate, although we are in the atmosphere of the member with the most harsh punishment, because without it the household will be looked as a prison and love the price to be expensive.

By : Agil Azzahra 

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