Encopresis means urination done arbitrarily by the child despite being old that should have been studying the habits of cleanliness. Among the most important training for children is to train them to hold the urethra, and then urinate. This issue is very sensitive, but it is very important for the family, so that they can solve problems that can interfere. This problem is also very sensitive to the children, because this is the channeling of desires that must be learned by children in order to give them freedom. Most experts believe that it requires training in special ways and wise, patient and keep them away from fear and not to condemn the properties owned, if not yet able to respond at the earlier stages.

There are several reasons the inability of children to control the urinary tract, but rarely it is influenced by health factors. The cause of the most dominant is the psychological condition and feelings of anxiety, while a disease that resulted in the inability to control child's urinary tract is the presence of urinary tract disorders, anemia, intestinal worms, cold, which causes weak and unable to control the urinary tract.

Cause encopresis of psychological factors, among others:

1. Feeling self-less, especially children who suffer physical disabilities and no one helped them adapt to the disability condition.
2. Lost confidence due to the repeated failure or do not feel confident with parental affection.
3. Jealousy due to the birth of a new family member (brother).
4. Unable to adapt to unusual circumstances experienced.
5. Fear of animals and strange stories.
6. Family dispute that led to children's mental unbalance.
7. Education is too hard and too often blame the child, does not give encouragement to children to show a confident attitude and helped to become independent.
8. Feelings of inferiority that is the inability to compete with their friends,
9. Feelings toward the mother who constantly interfere in any affairs of the children (either small or large business) that they resulted in loss of confidence, so that the resulting children are not able to control the urinary tract.

We need to know that children will not urinate on purpose, except when they are in a state of deep sleep.
Actually this problem is a common problem for children, but if the child is experiencing this problem has been 4-5 years, then the problem of controlling the urinary tract will be something that is worrying parents.

There are several solutions to overcome the problem encopresis, among others:
1. Ensure that there is no disease in the body by way of examination or general check-up.
2. Reduce foods or beverages that contain liquids, especially after 5 pm.
3. Never commit acts of violence, intimidate, or criticize the child. Attitude wise is required to address this issue.
4. Never told about the problem of children to others in front of them because it would be loss of self-confidence of children. As a result children are not able to resolve this problem immediately.
5. Do not be too revealing compassion, provide motivation and reassure the child that the child's problems will be solved.
6. Fostering a sense of compassion and peace in the house, and explained to the children that they are children who loved and there is no reason to be shunned.
7. Familiarize children urinate before going to bed and woke him gently two times every night and once every night when their condition was getting better.
8. Proactive attitude is very important that both parents (especially the presence of the father). That is because children are very sensitive and they can feel lost love that they are seeking.

Encopresis problems experienced by girls is very different from that experienced by boys. The girl who experienced encopresis tend to do too much activity and also tend to compete with their brother (even rivaling her in various ways, such as accompanying and comforting her father. In these circumstances, both parents must show sincere attitude in the presence of their children . Do not ever differentiate boys and girls. Additionally, a dad needs to express his affection, by putting it in different positions with her mother.

Every time the kids get older, the problem will be more difficult to overcome. The most important thing is to instill love and be firm in dealing with each problem. The best solution is to spread love around the house, and a proactive attitude of parents is very important. The key to overcoming this problem is the attitude of parents that their children receive nothing.

By : Agil Azzahra 

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