The scope of a life full of limitations, but felt complete peace with everything that full dependence, that was experienced by the child while in his mother's womb. When children are born into the world, child physical dependence on the mother ends and move to a freer world. In the new world, children will encounter things that are different from previous condition.

Sumadi Suryabrata states that in the early years, child development is still limited in the development of physical function. Children interpret that the development of their soul on the basis of function and development of bodily functions. Developments in the physical‘s side is the basis for development in the side of mental health. Mental development will go well if it is preceded by physical maturity.
Therefore, parents must also be responsible for the physical development of children. This is so that children grow up with strong physical condition, healthy, and vibrant. If the child physically strong and healthy, then the child will be easier to be educated. In addition, physical development will cause many positive effects on mental development.In the period of young children (approximately 1-6 years old),

physical aspects (the muscles, tendons, flesh, bones, and the glands) to grow more powerful and perfect. Physical aspects are useful for the preparation of the functioning of the body’s organs (to walk, talk, etc.). Motor development of children in this phase are:
a. 1 year old, children have started walking 2-3 steps
b. 2 years old, children are pretty good at walking
c. 3 years old, children have good running, jumping, playing, etc.

Sooner or later the child reaches physical maturity, depending on the child's physical health or state of their properties. If the child physically healthy, then the physical maturity (the muscles and other organs) will be quick. When children have reached physical maturity sufficient, then the child will be ready to enter school.

At the age of approximately 6 years old and older, the children would prefer to hang out with their friends, and looking for a partner to play together. If there are children who have a deficiency in the side of physical, usually he will get a ribbing from his friends. His friends may be judged that he was not able to play and can not do as did his friends in play. If this happens, this problem will result in the emergence of low self-esteem of children.

Therefore, parents should really pay attention to the physical development of children, for the sake of development of these psychic children. With good physical, at least will prevent children from low self-esteem. In other words, a pretty perfect physical condition would make the kids have more self confidence. This confidence is the key to the development of psychological capital in the next stages.Simak

There are several things that should be considered by the parents in paying attention to the physical condition of children, namely:
a. Following the rules of healthy eating, drinking, and sleeping
b. Protect yourself from infectious diseases
c. Treatment of disease
d. Realizing these principles must not be hurting yourself and others
e. Get children exercising
f. Get children to live simply and do not dissolve in momentary pleasures

By : Agil Azzahra

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